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    Computer Repair

    We know how fustrating it can be to have your computer inoperable. Especially when you really need it for business or personal things. We're here to help. Click the link to learn about this service.

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    Tindell Tech is here to assist either your company or home to provide the most secure, reliable, and productive network possible.

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    Website and Graphic Design

    Need a new Website, logo, poster, catalog designed? A professional looking flyer? Tindell Tech is an expert in the latest graphic design tools. Utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, we can provide most any computer graphics you need.

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    Tindell Tech is here to provide honest, affordable, and productive solutions for your computing need. Ever go to a retail store, ask for a solution to a problem you have. Then only to get sold something WAY to expensive that doesn’t do what you need? We provide cost effective, compatible solutions to your IT needs.

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    In this day and age keeping your information private is not only needed, but a serious challenge. With virus, spyware, adware, hackers, denial of service attacks and the like. Tindell Tech can help keep your data safe.

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    Audio and Video Production

    With expertise in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, and owning and operating a YouTube channel. We can not only provide assistance in the creation and development of your content. But also advise in the methods to get your content out to your target audience.

Website Design and management


Tindell Tech has a vast and comprehensive level of expertise when it comes to both web and graphic design. We can help provide the most cost effective, professional, and efficient solution for your needs.

Being experts in Content Management Systems, the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, and the latest hosting solutions. We can provide exactly what you want.

In today’s age websites are viewed on all sorts of medium. Either be it computers, tablets, or cell phones. As such the newest technology is to create what’s called a “Responsive design”. This auto resizes and displays your content based on the device you’re using. Not like the old ways of your website looking different on every computer you view it on. Now it’s designed once, and updated on the fly to provide the most up to date content for your audience.

You may see all these advertisers offering "build your own website for X monthly cost".  Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?  Well it's because it is.  Yes you may be able to build a simple site with those tools.  However, without expertise no one will ever see it.  You need Search Engine Optimization to organically get your website to the top of the search lists.   To do proper SEO and make your site the best it can for your business or other needs, you really need a professional who's educated in the latest technology.

Tindell Tech utilizes the content management system called “Joomla” to manage our website. It’s dynamic, simple, effective, professional, and open source. Which means it helps keep costs down.

We can provide what you think will help your situation and need to help you grow as a company or individual. Either providing classic static designs, new dynamic designs, installation and education in the latest content management systems, setting up and creation on an online store, and many other services.

Want control over your site? With the new Content Management Systems, after Tindell Tech sets up your site and provides a brief lesson in management. You have full control of what’s on your site. You simply upload content. Either being new pictures, articles, or products. The CMS auto formats the content so you don’t have to pay anyone to update your site unless you want a total refit.

Don’t feel like or don’t have the time to manage your website, online store, or the like? Tindell Tech also provides updating and management of your web needs at a low cost to you. This helps you focus on what you need to help your business grow and to be the most productive you can be.


Graphic Design

Need a new logo? A new poster? A catalog designed? A professional looking flyer? Tindell Tech is an expert in the latest graphic design tools. Utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, we can provide most any computer graphics you need.

Anything ranging from a new cover for your band, a new logo, custom special effects, posters. You name it and Tindell Tech can help.

Have old photos you want restored? Have an ex you want removed? Tindell Tech can help there too.

Look at some of our previous work for golden cat films. We’ve also provided some examples of the awesome talent and ability we have here at Tindell Tech.

Call, email, or fill out the contact form and our techs and artists will schedule a time to meet and assist you promptly!