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    Computer Repair

    We know how fustrating it can be to have your computer inoperable. Especially when you really need it for business or personal things. We're here to help. Click the link to learn about this service.

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    Tindell Tech is here to assist either your company or home to provide the most secure, reliable, and productive network possible.

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    Website and Graphic Design

    Need a new Website, logo, poster, catalog designed? A professional looking flyer? Tindell Tech is an expert in the latest graphic design tools. Utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, we can provide most any computer graphics you need.

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    Tindell Tech is here to provide honest, affordable, and productive solutions for your computing need. Ever go to a retail store, ask for a solution to a problem you have. Then only to get sold something WAY to expensive that doesn’t do what you need? We provide cost effective, compatible solutions to your IT needs.

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    In this day and age keeping your information private is not only needed, but a serious challenge. With virus, spyware, adware, hackers, denial of service attacks and the like. Tindell Tech can help keep your data safe.

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    Audio and Video Production

    With expertise in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, and owning and operating a YouTube channel. We can not only provide assistance in the creation and development of your content. But also advise in the methods to get your content out to your target audience.





You as a consumer need to understand that it’s the retail stores job to sell you the most expensive product they can to make money. That’s simply the hard truth. Often assistance at retail outlets have little more education about the products they sell than what is on the description sticker. Most retail outlets provide little or no education on the products they sell to their employees. To be honest if the employees did have a high level of knowledge about those products, they probably would not be working there.

So as a consumer, with so many solutions and products out there in this technology age. How as a consumer can you know you’re buying the most cost effective and efficient product for your needs?

Well you could spend endless hours doing research and possibly find the right product, set it up yourself, and learn to maintain it. Realistically though, in this day and age WHO HAS THAT KIND OF AVAILABLE TIME?? Your time would be better spend being productive and making more money for your business or a better life for yourself.


That’s where Tindell Tech comes in. We’re firm believers in that “You do NOT need a $4000 computer to play solitaire on.” You need knowledgeable advice on what’s out there, what’s compatible with your system, and what solutions you have based on your budget and needs. We are WELL VERSED in the latest trends and technology in today’s market. Tindell Tech provides a comprehensive solution that we make sure you can understand. Since Tindell Tech is not a retail outlet, we have no vested interest in selling you a computer system to make a profit. What we are here for and do care about is keeping you as a business and consumer happy, productive, and secure in your technology needs.

Call, email, or fill out the contact form and our techs will schedule a time to meet and assist you promptly!